Malaysia, the country of contrast

I couldn’t have more luck! I came in Asia with the wish to discover as much as possible from the Asian culture and to learn Chinese. I did not know what to expect when I said yes to this opportunity, but I knew that everything will represent something new for me. I have visited in Asia before just Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong and very fast I have understood that Asia represents a new world, a place where each country has its own particularity, impossible to compare it with some other places in the world or even between them.

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Thaipusam Festival

I remember my friends asking me, once I let them know that I will move in Malaysia, if I am aware of Thaipusam Festival.

To be honest until that time I have never heard about this celebration. I started to look into it in order to make an opinion and see if it will be interesting to go visit it. To a simple google image search I got scared and decided is not my kind of festival. After a small dinner in Kuala Lumpur with some friends I changed my opinion and decided to give it a try.

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