One culture dish, please!

Before moving in Asia, I started to prepare myself not only for the food, language or lifestyle cultural differences but also, I didn’t stop to repeat to myself that the art will have another dimension here and that is done with the long holidays. Well, I am happy to have been wrong!

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Paradise with white sand

I wanted to dedicate this article to the election that just finished in Malaysia. I decided to wait more than one week, just to make sure that the votes will be accepted, and no change will occur. Quite happy that I have participated to such a symbolic event, a history event.

Meanwhile I decided to take 5 days holiday and the trip just let me speechless, so instead I will talk during this article about the amazing Perhentian Islands of Malaysia.

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Asian medicine, not the best dream!

Well, it happens! I have never thought that with 1 season all year characterized by 33 degrees and sun, I can have such an agressive flu. I guess that the differences of temperature between inside (AC at 16 degrees) and outside temperature, or maybe some small viruses that are on holiday in Malaysia, are playing an important role on enjoying high fever and breath respiration during summer time. Continue reading “Asian medicine, not the best dream!”

Because this is Malaysia, lah!

I wrote an article the other weeks about 10 habits, cultural differences for which I can’t find an understanding and that are still surprising me. Before getting “too used” with the local culture here, I want to share with you now 10 cultural differences that I manage to embrace and that entered my normality, now, after almost 1 year of living here.

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