Do I miss my country?

If I could have a penny for how many times I have been asked this question, I would be rich without any effort.

I guess every person leaving abroad has faced this question. I will go straight to the point. No, I do not miss my native country otherwise today I will not live away. This is the nice answer… the long version is uglier….

For the last years Romania has passed through a lot of changes, challenges and faced a lot of problems. Not every Romanian citizen realizes their importance and that is sad. I will not make a political article as this is not my purpose, but I will talk about something I have realized during this controverses.


I have noticed a nation that does not understand what actually means change and that believes that by changing one or another person, the country will change. I have stopped voting for anything related to this country the moment I left. I believe that is not fair to influence its future if I don’t live nor intending to go back.

I was shocked the other days when I have received a message from a person with which I did not talk more than hello from time to time, for the last 6 years and see the traditional Romanian “gossip-ist” behavior. To see how freely is asking things that are not concerning her or how easy is she expressing her point of view on topics that are so personal.


I have had the luck to have an artistic orientated childhood which “forced” me to have different daily activities. At that time I hated it, today I just want to thank my mother for pushing me into this direction.

I have learned that if I want to live in peace, I should first make peace with myself. I have learned that my change will not change nor win anything if I dig in someone’s else business. I have learned that evolution exists and that respect comes with it. And I have learned that priorities in life and its meaning is more than talking and trying to live someone’s else drama.

I can imagine now some Romanians reading this article and saying ” She forgot from where she left!” I had the luck to leave the country from other reasons than necessity. It is not something that I have planned nor thought it will happen. My answer to you is “I did not forget and unfortunately YOU make me remember it every day!”

Sign-Ban02I am not writing this article to change anyone’s opinion or to justify something. I am writing it because I think in the last month what I could see on my Romanian Facebook was just enough for me. I have never faced so much dark, hate among the same citizens and envy. So many pointless discussions and copied opinions full of “wisdom”. So much “horse seing” and closure to new ideas or to what today means civilisation. I am thankful I have left the country and that I am able to experience a different life. I am thankful to so another true and enjoy different opinions. I am now seing clearer than ever the minuses and the brain effect that the social medias is having on people. For me this was enough, let’s go back to basic !

I know I have changed and I hope you will change one day too, my old Romania!

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