Macau and its rich tourists

At only one hour distance from Taiwan, I could not miss to visit Macau. On a short weekend break trip, and after I have experiences Las Vegas, I decided that Macau will be a “I know what should I expect for” trip.

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Myanmar, the real Asia!

It has been now almost 2 years since I am living in Asia and more than 4 since I have developed my love for this continent. I am still remembering my European friends’ reaction when I told them I am leaving Paris for Asia.

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It is never to late to learn!

It has passed some time since my last article. A lot of things happened meanwhile. Water Lantern Festival, small traditional Taiwanese earthquake, Taiwanese elections…

I needed some time far from all this, far from sharing to much from my daily experience. I have noticed that every time when I am in a new country I have a period of time when I need to adjust to what my life will be. I like to take my time and analyse everything and understand if I see myself in that place for the next years.

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