Macau and its rich tourists

At only one hour distance from Taiwan, I could not miss to visit Macau. On a short weekend break trip, and after I have experiences Las Vegas, I decided that Macau will be a “I know what should I expect for” trip.

It is known that Asians, mainly Chinese people, love to bet. There are so many apps available today and we hear so many stories regarding the Chinese New Year Mahjong betting tradition, that taking part at this might not shock you anymore.

I remember when while living in Malaysia, I asked my Chinese-Malaysian friends to come to my place for Mahjong. Like this I will learn how to play it and also have some fan. After they explained me that betting is forbidden in Malaysia, they mentioned me that nobody plays betting games without money involved. If you want to learn than consider some budget that you might lose.

This was followed by a great Chine New Year experience at one of my Malaysian friend’s house. I saw then how from early ages they take the betting serious and how important is for them to know how to play. Smart play!

mahjSame people say that Chinese have betting skills in their blood. My opinion after seing Macau is that they make the difference by taking this “sport” very serious!

casinoI have had a great time while I was in Las Vegas. Even if I lost all my money until I understood how should I have played, there was a good atmosphere. Everybody was talking, laughing, chatting and enjoying the free alcohol. Well, Macau is quite different. The minimum betting amount makes you to understand this from the beginning. No matter the game chosen, unless you go for the local Baccarat, you need to prepare a good budget if you want to give it a try. People are very serious about it. It is impressing to see people sitting at a table and taking out of their pocket 5k -10k eur, or seing them betting on one hand 1-3k EUR. Don’t expect to see people saying jocks or chatting. Don’t date to stare at them or talk while they play. Be serious!

I left very fast the tables area. The “work atmosphere” convinced me to go for the machines ones. There the show was even more interesting. People playing cash on one machine while playing on their credit card to the one next to them. I am wondering how they can count the cards so fast? For me one machine was already enough.. They were writing down the numbers, counting them, even if you can have on the machine a view on the trend, but still.. maybe the machine wants to trick them.. Doing all this math while drinking their hot tea.

Ah, I did not mention? Serving alcohol while playing might apply in Las Vegas but not here. You still have a nice selection of hot tea or just still water. I don’t know if they do that because of the well know Asian allergy to alcohol or because they don’t resist on a long run so they would not like to lose them too fast, but I had a long tea night đŸ™‚

It was interesting to see once again how opened are the Chinese people to take risks and their courage of “investing” big amounts into their “projects”.


From another perspective, the city is perfect for visiting while in Asia. You have plenty of nice historical and architectural areas that you can check. With a strong Portugaise influence you can see a good mix of Asia and Europe on the same place. Different architectures from what I have seen before, cheap alcohol and very good roasted duck. Is a great place to check for a city break.


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