Lonely home

One week… 7 days in an empty space… 168 hours back home, back to my family. Hello once again Romania!
It has been interesting to come back in Europe, back home, after 2 different years in Asia. It is indeed a big difference between the continents but I have always consider that romanians act a little bit as some chinese cultures in Asia. I guess this is why I have managed also to adapt easier to this new continent.
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White precious in Asian jungle

I have decided to write this article because even today in 2019, I still hear Europeans that never came in Asia saying that Asia means China and that Asia is still poor and undeveloped.
I have wrote in many of my articles and I will repeat it. First, you can’t talk about one country/one civilisation and say that is Asia. This continent is so big and so different that to generate such a big dimession is impossible. I am not even mentioning the countries where the North is another world from the South, at less than 200 km…
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New Year Resolution

Happy 2019! Hope you will have a better year this time. I say this cause for the las days I have just seen facebook messages or gifs with how terrible last year was for everybody, and the long eulogy on how amazing will be 2019… Hope is just not a bad habit of people loving complaining and hope you will have a great time this year!

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