New Year Resolution

Happy 2019! Hope you will have a better year this time. I say this cause for the las days I have just seen facebook messages or gifs with how terrible last year was for everybody, and the long eulogy on how amazing will be 2019… Hope is just not a bad habit of people loving complaining and hope you will have a great time this year!

I remember when I was little, I had to prepare one wish that I will have on my mind for the next year. At midnight, after toast, we had to start working on having our one wish done. I mean, you had just one shot, you had to do it. Not a long list, no place to chose or to excuse.


After some good years of American influence, everybody started to forget about not being greedy and become very “organized”. Suddenly people started to spend time on buying good quality paper, in a motivating color and good colorful pencils for their New Year Resolution list. Now that everything was “black on white” the battle could start!


I will not lie. I was there too, I did my lists, I bought my paper and as everybody, I have not worked on more than maximum 2,3 points from the list.

My last years have been very challenging and unexpected. Nothing happened as I planned so the list or planning did not make any sens for me anymore. I want to do sport and eat healthy every day. Maybe I will hear a new idea that will make me to want to create a new point on my list and I just do not have the patience anymore to wait for the next year to start working on it.

With all this, what I have learned during this years is that is important to take a step back and analyse the time passing and your life. The future can always been changed if you understand on what exactly do you need to work and the impact will have it on you. Stop doing this “google generic resolution lists” and analyse yourself. I think the most important question that you can ask yourself is if you are happy with your life today? If the answer is yes, just live your life and enjoy what life is offering. If no, don’t lie yourself and better, put those reasons on a list and start working on them.

This year is not about a resolution list, this year is about happiness every day!

HAPPY New Year all!

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