White precious in Asian jungle

I have decided to write this article because even today in 2019, I still hear Europeans that never came in Asia saying that Asia means China and that Asia is still poor and undeveloped.
I have wrote in many of my articles and I will repeat it. First, you can’t talk about one country/one civilisation and say that is Asia. This continent is so big and so different that to generate such a big dimession is impossible. I am not even mentioning the countries where the North is another world from the South, at less than 200 km…

I have seen in some less developed countries in Asia infrustracture more updated than in Est Europe. People living in harmony, together, helping eachother and willing to share their culture. With all this, these people have often faced the “precious white people” (quoted). Those that come to discover but they finish eating every day in European restaurants or that ask their wifes to cook them every day at home some natal dishes.
I am with the Asian people on this. It is not because me personally I can eat everything and I really like to try their food, but because I can’t understand how you can’t find food here that will fit your tastes.

First of all Asia means food culture so on a street you will find 2-3 shops with different items and at least 5,6 restaurants with variated food. This is even the reason why they get upset when they hear us we say we don’t like asian food. Secondly, you have never ate in Europe vegetable, rice with meat, veggies with meat, fish dishes or soup? These are exactly the same as in Asia!!
Take a look at 10 dishes that you can find in most of the countries in Asia, that will remember your roots and help you to eat local too and also save that absurd amount of money that you pay for fake European food:
1. The traditional breakfast Porridge
2. Fried rice
3. Chicken sesame and rice
4. Shanghai noodles
5. Chinese egg plant with garlic
6.Chicken noodle soup (which you can have it without noodles)
7. Fried chicken
8. Stir-fry vegetables
9.Meat on a stick

10. Fruits (maybe not the Durian to start with)


I have tried to avoid the seafood as some people don’t like it. But if you have a closer look you will understand that you have definetly ate these before, under another name and you enjoy it.
The list is even bigger, and the “different” dishes are amazing in this region so STOP excusing and ENJOY ASIA !

2 thoughts on “White precious in Asian jungle

  1. The pictures of these dishes are making my mouth watering already. Nice article, if you ask me, I think I’ll try the Shanghai noodles or Chinese egg plant with garlic first.


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