Lonely home

One week… 7 days in an empty space… 168 hours back home, back to my family. Hello once again Romania!
It has been interesting to come back in Europe, back home, after 2 different years in Asia. It is indeed a big difference between the continents but I have always consider that romanians act a little bit as some chinese cultures in Asia. I guess this is why I have managed also to adapt easier to this new continent.

With all this, this year has been different. Home was not here anymore. My home was an old and empty space with no people in it. With airports crowded with people going back to work in some other places in Europe, with people sad and poor on the street, with people without any hope left. Everybody is not having at least one person living “outside” for a better life or to help their family survive. The lignes with parents saying good bye to their children at the gate, while craying are bigger and bigger. The discussion that people have today here have all the same point : Where should I go to work in Europe?
The number of people leaving Romania increased each year more and more. With a corrupted system and with a health and education system “dign” of 16th century, people have looked for a better life. But I have never seen this city as empty and sad as now.
I read one article last year saying that Romania is the second country after Syria on the migration number. Of course the reason is not the same , on the surface, but I am curious how many of those romanian outside are still against receiving migrants in our home? When the migrants numbers coming to Europe exploded my “facebook romania” page was filled with people against helping these people on need, for different reasons. It is funny to come back home now and see that those people are working outside the country too, living a migrant life too…. How many of these ones realise…? I am not sure that are too many.
I have had a wonderful time in Bucharest this begining of 2019. Lot of snow, great walks in the park, quality time with family and friends from childhood. Anyhow, I am leaving sad, I am feeling as I have visited a hunted empty house, I am leaving understanding that Romania does not exist anymore. Unforutnately, even this year will be a “decisive one” because of the various election, I think my old home lost the only thing that was still characterising, the nationalism.
I am ready to go back to my new home now, my new life that God offered me as a great opotunity. I have said in some old articles, leaving Romania was not because of the actual situation in the country or reasons that majority of people leaving today have. It has been a destiny situation but today, more than ever, I am happy that it appeared.

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