It’s not called being picky, is called not compromising your standards!

I have wanted to write this article for some months already but I said to myself that I need a small break before doing it. I needed to breath a different air and not to write while being angry. This is the last article dedicated to my life in Malaysia.

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The chopsticks and their amazing story

Kuàizi 筷子, sticks, cutlery, eating utensils… call them as you want but I believe they are the best to use while eating.


You will not use them that much in Europe unless you want to look fancy or to show off in front of your friends in an Asia restaurant. I remember the faces people where doing in Paris when you were saying you don’t know how to use them. I mean, “where did you live until now? Doohh!”

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Paradise with white sand

I wanted to dedicate this article to the election that just finished in Malaysia. I decided to wait more than one week, just to make sure that the votes will be accepted, and no change will occur. Quite happy that I have participated to such a symbolic event, a history event.

Meanwhile I decided to take 5 days holiday and the trip just let me speechless, so instead I will talk during this article about the amazing Perhentian Islands of Malaysia.

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